Heather Strom

I've had many different jobs over the course of my lifetime. I won't bore you with the details. Currently, I'm in year three of owning a small women's gym in town. I'm getting bored again, which usually happens a couple years into a job. It's been a rewarding venture and I'm not sorry at all for buying the business, and I'm not closing the doors any time soon. However, I am a creative deep down and I need to find a creative outlet.


I built several websites and found it tremendously rewarding. So, I decided to start another business, this time in building affordable websites for people. I can make you a space online that is all yours. Kind of a virtual real estate plot that you can use for so many different things. Promote your business, blog about your favorite hobby, share about an upcoming event, display a gallery of your art, sell handmade mittens, teach grammar, and the options go on and on.

I'm not a professional, but you're not paying for a professional. You're hiring an amateur with a low price tag. When I hired someone to build the website for my gym, I couldn't afford to hire a professional, either. I hired some local guy who said he was giving me a break on the price because I was a small business. He had a storefront downtown so I guess I thought he was a professional. It wasn't bad, except for that one thing. Oh, well, water under the bridge. I found out building websites is fun and creative. 


My family is pretty special to me. You'll have an About page too, where you can choose to include some information and photos about your life. 

Heather Strom

1128 E. 46 Road

Cadillac, MI 49601


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